Cozy Christmas Tradition

It’s a LOVELY magazine, The Joyful Life.

One night back in September, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw in a writers group that it was the last day to submit a writing about a “cozy Christmas family tradition.” So I wrote something real quick about our Winn-Smalley family tradition and submitted it. Then, I forgot about it.
I was on a Zoom call with The Book Mamas and we were talking about this issue and one of them said, YOU’RE IN IT!
I ran to grab my copy and looked through it! Here it is!

Leave me a comment….what is a cozy Christmas tradition that you do? I’d love to hear about it!

One thought on “Cozy Christmas Tradition

  1. Probably about 10 years ago we started having one family member read the Christmas story in Luke. We started with the oldest grandchild and have worked our way down through the grandkids and then started on the oldest child. We are now on the third child this year. As we sit around the living room in total silence, except for the beautiful words of the bible, I am overwhelmed with the love that was shown to all mankind when Christ became man. This is the most beautiful and memorable “tradition” we have and I hope it continues long after Doyle and I are gone!

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