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A is for Accountability!

This is week #2 in my 5 part series, “Walk by F.A.I.T.H.” Last week’s blog post was: “F is for Fasting.”

“A is for accountability!”


Are we even comfortable with the word “accountability?” Does it just makes us think that someone is in our business, prying into our personal life and simply being nosey? My students don’t like it when I hold them responsible for their grades and class work, but that is different than accountability.

Accountability is being willing to be held responsible for your actions. Accountability doesn’t mean punishment and calling you out; its about helping you be better and calling you “up” to a higher good. You aren’t punished for your wrongs, but with accountability, you just give an answer for how you’re doing.

In the past, my accountability partner and I would check in with each other throughout the week with a simple text: “Hey!  It’s Shannan.  Just checking in to see how your spiritual walk is this week?”

Or I would ask, “When have you felt closest to the Lord this week?  Where do you think  you helped the movement of the Holy Spirit this week? Where have you hindered it?” 

We would chat via texts once a week and then share together in person once a month.  There were even days I would send a short text:  “On a scale of 1-10, where are you with the Lord today?” 

You don’t have to announce on social media about your accountability partner.  Quietly and simply,  reach out to 1-2 other people and share your goals. Let them know how you are doing….on a scale of 1-10.  Be as specific as your relationship allows.

You mainly want someone that will help you stay on track and stay focused.  Who will hold you accountable? Make you a list and reach out to someone. Wouldn’t this be a great spiritual discipline to start 2021 off with?!

Start praying about now….get a jump start on 2021! I mean, why not?! We are all SOOOOO OOOOOVERRRRR 2020 anyway! Don’t waste the last few days of this year! At least use them for good and for future days!

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