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Confession Before Worship

Thursday is #biblebites day!

Last week when @daniellegrosse3.16 and I talked about obeying God on NOW WHAT (go check out our Instagram videos from each Sunday), I was reminded of one specific instance when the Lord all but begged me to obey Him!

I put in a new worship CD for a 2 hour drive home after a day of shopping in Oklahoma City and was ready to worship and sing all the way home.

As I pushed PLAY, nothing happened. I pushed play again. Nothing. I ejected the disc and started over. I ejected the disc and blew on it!! 🤣 I pushed PLAY several more times. Several fast & furious times…..PLAY! PLAY! PLAY! PLAY! PLAYYYYYY!!!

Still nothing. I laughed and I remember saying outloud, as if the Lord were sitting next to me, “OK God…you’ve got my attention.”

Nothing. Silence. I listened. I drove. Miles passed. So, I asked God, “what do you need from me?”

A soft nudging and knowing in my spirit whispered back, “You can’t worship without confession.”

Read that again, “You can’t worship without confession.”

I spent the next 20 miles asking Him to show me my heart; crying and confessing about a certain situation in women’s ministry that in reality, all these days later, was really something that was the beginning of the end.

It had been an ugly cry; but a holy confession.

I stopped for a bathroom break, washed my face, got back in the car and guess what happened as I turned in the car on….. the music blared!

“Yes, Lord. I hear you…. confession before worship!”

If we want to hear from God, we are going to have to quit talking long enough to listen! (Sorry… that is my teacher voice coming through my writing!😉)

Psalm 46:10 states, “be still and know that I am God…..” This is a time to sit in silence and be in the presence of God.

God’s goal is that out of the chaos, His word might go forth to the peoples of the whole world. He wants us all to live in godly peace with one another. So in order to do that, we need to sit in His presence.

As contrary to this season of chaos & rush, sit and listen for the powerful, yet soft, still, voice of the Lord.

It’s not always audible but we can know what He is saying; let Him speak into your heart.

Let Him show you where you need to ask for forgiveness.

Let Him show you your failings.

It won’t be easy, and it won’t be pretty. But, it is necessary.

What is God asking of you that could deepen your relationship with Him? That could repair or restore your relationship with Him??

Answering Gods calling and obeying Him requires endurance; endurance of being still & quiet.

Endurance of listening and not talking.

Endurance of choosing obedience day after day after day.

What is that still soft nudging and whisper asking you to obey?

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