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Day 13 : Genesis 22

Highlight a passage – this is the story of Abraham’s testing (not tempting!) with the sacrifice of Isaac “The Lord will provide for Himself!”

I love verse 5 “I and the boy will go and come again.” I think this is saying “we will both go and we will BOTH return….” meaning, Abraham knew that he just had to be willing to sacrifice Isaac, but that God would provide a different means. LOVE THIS! God does provide for Himself!

Explain what it means – Verse 18 says your offspring shall be all the nations of the earth and will be blessed. But this is also a warning to us to beware of sin!

Apply it to your life – Remember the provision and protection of God – don’t forget to remember!

Respond – Lord, at my best, may I be half as willing as Abraham was to obey and sacrifice according to your will. Amen.

Truth to Remember – God’s will never contradicts God’s purposes. Rest and trust and hold on to God’s promises.

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