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Day 5 – Job 1-2

** Okay….so remember I said we were doing this CHRONOLOGICALLY. That means we’ve skipped over to Job!

When we read it in this order, we are taking into account the order in which the recorded events actually occurred. How fun is this?! I’ve read the Bible through in a year before. Several times from cover to c over, but never chronologically. So our brains are going to have do some mental gymnastics! 🙂

“Job’s Wealth & Character”

Highlight a passage – Job 2:3 “He still holds fast to his integrity…”

Explain what it means – Job feared the Lord with reverence and was blameless before the Lord but still suffered tragedy. We are encouraged to glorify God and not to stray our path of faith, EVEN IF our suffering doesn’t make sense.

Apply it to your life – God is in charge, control, command…we are to glorify God NO! MATTER! WHAT!

Respond – Lord, may I always be as faithful as Job in my waiting and in my doubts. Keep genuine faith in God!

Truth to Remember – Worship God in my suffering and in grief, with all faith!

A summary of truths from all 5 days:

  1. God is in control.
  2. Consequences are our choices.
  3. Do all that the Lord commands.
  4. God keeps His promises.
  5. Worship God no matter what!

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