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Turning "what if" doubts into "even if" faith!



Christian Writer disguised as an 4th Grade Teacher.

Shannan has a passion for learning and teaching. She has a masters degree in Theology, as well in Education. She is a former United Methodist Minister and missionary. Shannon won The Global Peace and Justice Scholarship from Saint Paul School of Theology for her mission work in Guatemala and Bolivia.

Shannon Cloud

Speaking Topics

Five Faith Filters

All Ages

Let me me equip you with a checklist to reflect on when your days go bad and ugly and wrong.  I can help you filter your thoughts from “what if the worst happens” to “even if the worse happens, will this change what I: know about God? Trust about God? Hear from God? Or even how I will obey & serve God?” These filters can help you on the days when you forget to remember God’s goodness. 

Don't Forget to Remember

All Ages

Do you ever forget to remember?  You forget to remember the milk.  You forget to remember to go to the post office.  You forget to remember where you put your keys. I hate it when I forget to remember!  How many times do we forget to remember what God has done for us? We pray for His provision or protection and plans, we beseech Him to act on our behalf, and then….how quickly we forget what He did for us! I can help you learn to practice that remembering of a biblical act of faith and it is key to a deeper faith. 

How to Walk by F.A.I.T.H.

All Ages

I can walk you through how to use 5 different spiritual disciplines to walk closer with the Lord, including: fasting, accountability, intercessory prayer, trusting and finding God in the middle of your mundane day by sitting in silence with a humble heart before the Lord. 

Confession Before Worship

All Ages

How do we come before the Lord to worship?  How do we prepare our hearts in order to fully prepare ourselves for all He has for us. 


All Ages

As a woman in ministry & missions, Shannan has heard the voice of God clear at times but also wrestled with doubt and fear, especially when she heard these words: “You have to go. You have to serve the Church.”   Shannan would love to share her life altering experiences with you from her mission work in Bolivia, Guatemala, and Honduras

Christians in the Classroom

All Ages

It is hard to be a public-school teacher, but I share about how I have God in my daily conversations with my students and have a Christian witness in the classroom. 

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