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4 reasons we think this cliché is hurtful and not helpful. We’re afraid our friends and family are hearing these things when we use this cliché:

1. This cliché dismisses the expectations and hope we had and immediately turns it into disappointment.

2. I’m a failure.

3. I messed up God’s plan for me  -OR- He doesn’t really have a plan for me.

4. I’m not worth another door (and not even a window) opening because He doesn’t love me as much as my friend.

Use these phrases and comments instead with your friends and family to let your heart’s intention be heard with God’s Truth:

*Let me help you find & remember where and how God has provided for you and already blessed you (right where you are!) Look at the open door.

*God doesn’t promise the completion to meet your expectations; let the disappointments turn into a fulfillment of His plan for your and His purpose for him.  

*Be content with God’s plan and purpose for where you are now.  Be secure in this; have God-fidence.  Don’t focus on the closed door, stand with God-fidence in front of the door that is open in front you…you are where you belong.

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