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T is for Trusting

For surely…..


T is for trusting God. I’ve trusted Him many times over the years….my biggest trust truths involved moving to Bolivia; going to seminary; saying YES to Dusty; and raising kids!! LOL! But what about trusting that small, still voice that just nudges you. It’s God you know! Do you trust it?

For the last couple of days, I have been praying about a Scripture that our mission team could use on our t-shirts for our trip to Honduras in May. Immediately, Micah 6:8 came to mind: Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk humbly with the Lord. I then dismissed that “knowing” and kept praying for a different verse….maybe I’d come up with a better one; maybe there was a different one to use.

But, 24 hours later, that same verse kept coming back to my heart and mind. But I still kept thinking and searching for a verse.

Finally, I realized I had to trust God was giving me that verse for a reason. I reached out to the rest of the team to say, “hey…whatcha think about THIS verse…maybe…..?” I didn’t want to seem like I was being bossy or in charge (don’t laugh!!) but I wanted to be sure we were yielding to the Spirit and I wanted to be sure others had a chance to offer up Scripture they felt led to.

I posted in our group chat that I kept coming back to Micah 6:8. Immediately, 2 members posted back, “that’s crazy! Me and dad came up with a design using that verse!”

I’m so glad I trusted that nudging; that “knowing” of the Spirit and that act of God! How cool of God to prove to us that He is already working and moving on our behalf…. to have confirmation that our verse is the right one! I love that!!! Isn’t that how we wished everything could happen? I believe more often than not….that it DOES HAPPEN … we just don’t trust the Spirit that is living and moving in us!

How many times do we miss a blessing, an opportunity, or an answered prayer because we didn’t trust enough? (I know….ouch!…those are my toes I’m stepping on, too!)

So I ask, do you trust God?  If so, where or how or when did you see Him show up for you today? Stop your crazy busy schedule long enough to ask yourself where you saw Him today.

This year, I’m starting a list and I’m keeping track of all the ways I want to remember how God worked and moved on my behalf. I’m calling it my “Ebeneezer” (that word means “stone of help” go check out 1 Samuel 7:12): ) — and so my “ebenezer” is a list of prayer requests and even moreso, where I’ve seen God move and work…I want to remember them; I want to point them out to my kids…I want them to see God’s goodness and faithfulness….I want them to trust Him….more than anything else!

As believers, we are created and called to build our life as someone who has complete trust and confidence in God’s promises; even if the world around us is crazy and chaotic.  

Jeremiah 29:11 is, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” God has amazing plans and blessings prepared just for you.  But are you so busy that you are simply missing out?    

Choose to trust that God is who He says He is. Will you trust Him enough to see and hear what He is doing for you?   What was one Truth that you noticed today? Write that down. Start your ebenezer list! 😉

Trust God….. Look for Him in the everyday, ordinary, mundane ways. Be expectant of His presence while you look for the holy in the ordinary.

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