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The Elephant in the Room

Pour yourself a cuppa tea and let’s chat about the big fat elephant who stomps through the room of our mind whenever you read about, “God’s calling!” Yep, it happens to almost ALL of us. The clueless feeling of being overwhelmed by appearing too holy and not worthy. 

There are so many ugly little voices that rear their head. But by not doing the thing they want to do, you are cheating yourself. 

I’ve experienced fear and unworthiness and it almost stopped me participating in any type of ministry; much less to write a book. Yep! You are not alone! 

But then I realized, this book will not be about ME.  It will not be about my amazing travels all over the world, it will not be about the 10 funerals & 1 wedding I did in a year as a United Methodist minister. It will be about  how I know this: God is who he says he is!!

And that my friends, makes those feelings pale into insignificance. So know this: It’s not about me + obedience to the Lord + God is who He says He is! 

 So tell me, what will you commit to doing that faces a fear of answering God’s calling today? Leave me a comment and let me know!

God’s Calling……we all have one; sometimes we’re just too scared to answer it!

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