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About Me

“You have to go.  You have to serve the Church.”  

Those were the profound words whispered in the stillness of the night by the Holy Spirit, that began Shannan Cloud’s  life long journey of learning to answer God’s calling.

Shannan Cloud is a small town farm girl who went to Oklahoma State University and then attended graduate school at Oklahoma City University (because who really uses an undergraduate degree in child development?!) only to find herself traveling with the performing group, “Up with People.”  

It was after that year of traveling that God led her to Bolivia, when she first heard God’s voice speak so clearly, distinctly and profoundly. That was in 1996. Eventually earning a M.Div degree in theology and Christian Religious Education,  and serving as a United Methodist minister with over 24 years of mission and ministry service, Shannan writes about faith and answering God’s calling.  

She’s needed lots of faith over 24 years of missions and ministry to answer that still, small, yet profound calling.  She’s disbelieved God’s words; she’s doubted His trust;  she’s disobeyed His calling, and she’s disappointed His heart.  But one thing has remained the same, that God is who He says He is: faithful and true.  

Shannan lives with her husband, whom she met on eHarmony, in western Oklahoma where they raise their 2 children.  Shannan is a writer, disguised as a 4th grade reading teacher, that still searches, on the daily, how to continuously answer that calling even if she doubts. 

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