Elk City, Oklahoma

Turning "what if" doubts into "even if" faith!

My Story

Shannan has a passion for learning and teaching. She has a masters degree in Theology, as well in Education. She is a former United Methodist Minister and missionary. Shannan won The Global Peace and Justice Scholarship from Saint Paul School of Theology for her mission work in Guatemala and Bolivia.

She is a writer, teacher and blogger. Shannan and her husband Dusty, live in Western Oklahoma where they are raising their 16-year-old target-shooting, pig showing son and their 13-year-old animal-loving, ball-chasing daughter.

As a woman in the ministry, Shannan has heard the voice of God clear at times but also wrestled with doubt and fear, especially when she hears these words: “You have to go. You must serve the Church”

These where whispered in the stillness of the night by the Holy Spirit, and it began Shannan’s lifelong journey of finding faith rather that doubting it.

Shannon Cloud

Shannan Cloud

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