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Day 6- Job 38-39

Week #2 – The Bible in a Year

Highlight a passage – Job 38 – God finally speaks because for several chapters Job’s “friends” have been “helping him” and giving him “advice!” LOL

Explain what it means – This is where God is asking Job if he knows creation like God does…all to really say, since you didn’t create it, you don’t get to question the Almighty Creator. (OUCH! Those are my toes, Lord!) God is simply reminding Job who the creator and sustainer really is!

Apply it to your life – Even in his suffering, there is a holy purpose.

Respond – May I humbly submit to God’s sovereignty…including his hidden (from me!) knowledge and wisdom.

Truth to Remember – Yet again….I am humbly reminded that God IS in control!

Where do you need to be reminded that God is in control and not you? sorry for the toe stepping… 🙂

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